Wedding On A Sailboat

Not only am I a Dudeist Minister, I am captain of the sailboat Serenitas. I would love to officiate a wedding on my sailboat. SV Serenitas is not a large sailboat so there is only room for myself, one crew and four other people (six total). If you know someone with a pontoon boat that would give us more room and I am happy to come to you.

My idea is that we would sail to one of two spots on the lake that are a little more peaceful and drop anchor. There I would perform the ceremony in the cockpit. I may even be able to arrange for some of the other sailboats from my sailing club to be present. After the wedding service, you would be welcome to stay on the boat and sail with me.

Because of the extra work involved my charge for marrying people on her is $250.

She is at Rocky Fork Lake in Hillsboro, Ohio which is about 75 minutes east of Cincinnati. You can find more information about Rocky Fork Lake here