My Sailing Resume

If you found this page I hope its because you are a captain and may need crew. If you are a fellow sailor and want to be friends, you are also welcome to contact me.

My Current Adventure

I use the Garmin InReach Mini 2 to stay in touch when I am out of cell phone range. It allows my friends to follow my adventures and see past adventures at…

Everyday I share my gratitude with my friends. If you are smart you can figure out what the password is from that.

Sailing Experience

  • 1998 to 2000 – learn to sail classes in Florida and owned a 21 foot sailboat
  • 12/2016 – Sailing and racing LA to Catalina Islands
  • 9/2019 – sailing on an inland lake in Ohio with SV MySong a SJ21
  • 4/2020 to 10/2020 – Inland lake sailing in Ohio on SV Serenitas
  • 9/2020 – ASA 101 certified
  • 4/2021 to 10/2021 – Inland lake sailing in Ohio
  • 7/2021 – Sailing in Oregon with Seahawk Steve
  • 8/2021 – Sailing in San Juan Islands with Sven DaViking
  • 11/2021 – Sailing in Bahamas with Captain Frank and Rafa
  • 4/2022 to 10/2022 – Inland lake sailing in Ohio on SV Serenitas
  • 6/2022 – Sailing Rhode Island and Connecticut
  • 2/2023 – Sailing in the Virgin Islands with CRSA Charter Trip
  • 4/2024 to present – Inland lake sailing in Ohio on SV Serenitas

Related Qualifications


  • Past captains and crew are available for references
  • I practice good hygiene
  • I can cook
  • From May through July 2024 I am in college to be a social worker. I do need limited access for downloading and uploading class assignments.

Contact Info

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Special Thanks

While I have always loved sailboats and sailing, life had gotten in the way for almost two decades. I was able to start sailing again because of the support and encouragement from one amazing person. She is no longer in my life but I will always be grateful to her.