Other Ceremonies

I created all of this because I want to help people. My goal is to bring people together. Over the years I have been asked to help with ceremonies that aren’t what a traditional wedding officiant offers.

Here are a few of the other services I have been honored to provide for people.

  • Collaring Ceremonies
    People of all lifestyles deserve to live together in love
  • Celebrations of Life
    When we have to give a loved one back, we should celebrate our good memories
  • Inmate Weddings
    When two people fall in love through extreme obstacles, that is something to celebrate
  • Pet Funerals
    We spend a decade or more living with out pets. They deserve the same respect as the rest of our family

I also belong to a group of Dudeist Ministers across America that just want to help people.

If you have a need for an officiant or help with a ceremony that I haven’t listed, please contact me.