Inmate Weddings

I perform weddings at the following facilities

Every correctional facility is different and handles inmate weddings differently. You can contact the prison clergy or a supervisor to begin the process. You will need special approval from the facility before any ceremonies can be performed.

Once you have approval, send me the information provided by the prison so I can make the needed arrangements on my end.

Once a ceremony and date is approved you will need to go to the local county clerk’s office to get a wedding license. They will charge you a fee for the license. The license will expire if the wedding is not performed within 60 days so set up everything with the prison BEFORE getting your license.

Things to Consider

  • The process typically takes 4-6 weeks from the initial request until having all the approvals and arrangements made.
  • Pick 3 dates for your ceremony just in case the initial date is not available or approved so that you do not have to restart the entire process.
  • The inmate must have good behavior for a wedding request to be approved. Disciplinary actions often cause permission for any ceremonies to be revoked.
  • All guests must be on the visitor’s list and approved in advance. Prisons do not allow “wedding crashers” and all guests will be screened.
  • A dress code for facility visitors is still enforced for weddings. Ask your prison contact for what attire is allowed
  • Schedule visitation for the same day as you are getting married so that you can spend time together after the ceremony.

Inmate Wedding Ceremony Rates

Because of the extra work and travel involved my Inmate Wedding fees are as follows

  • Butler County Correctional – $150
  • Lebanon Correctional – $150
  • London Correction – $400
  • Pickaway Correctional – $400
  • Warren County Correctional – $150

I am not an employee or a representative of the State of Ohio or any correctional facilities. The state of Ohio and the above mentioned facilities are simply kind enough to allow me to perform ceremonies at their facilities. I have no special powers there to change rules or approve requests.