Handfasting Ceremonies

Handfastings are a beautiful ceremony that we don’t often see in the Cincinnati area. Hand-fastings are often used by people that want a ceremony that is meaningful but without the tradition Christian connotations. Originally handfastings were for a specific amount of time but I phrase my language that the bond is for “a lifetime of love shared.

Hand fastings can be part of the traditional “I do” style vows but most of my couples right their own vows to recite as we wrap their hands. Then my couples stay bound together as we finish the ceremony and any other traditions they want such as an exchange of wrings or the kiss.

The wrap can be a beautiful ribbon or cloth like in the picture above ore a simple cord or rope. The important thing is that my couples pic something that is important to them. 

Hand-fasting is becoming more popular in Cincinnati and I really like that because it allows for a ceremony that is much more unique. I think it attracts couples because it is multicultural and doesn’t have the religious overtones of other ceremonies. It is a beautifully symbolic ceremony and I love performing them.

If you are looking for a hand fasting ceremony in Cincinnati, I hope you contact me.