The best relationships start with openness and honesty, right? Then why do so many wedding services hide their prices? Planning matrimonial festivities is stressful enough without the games many weddings services play. My prices are simple.

Monday-Thursday $100/hr
Friday-Sunday $150/hr
(most services are less than one hour)

I offer FREE services Monday through Thursday during the winter months (November through March)

Services Details

  • 1 hour officiation of a ceremony starting 15 minutes before the ceremony is to begin
  • Travel time to and from locations within 20 miles of my address in the 45150 zip code
  • Completion of marriage certificate for you to submit
  • You agree to allow me to use photos from the ceremony on my website and advertising
  • While not required, I truly appreciate a friendly rating on Google Maps or one of the other ratings services.

I don’t like extra fees either so I only charge them for things that aren’t part of the average ceremony:

  • For travel over 20 miles one way, $1.50 per mile will be incurred each way. As an example – if it is 30 miles from me to the ceremony location, I would charge $45 to drive there and $45 to drive back.
  • $50 per hour after the 1st hour
  • $15 if you would like me to submit the marriage license by mail for you
  • $100 for if you would like me to to go the courthouse and wait in line for you
  • $100 for 1 hour of rehearsal service and related travel within 20 miles, $30 hour after 1st hour

I currently perform services in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. If you are outside the tristate we can work out something for the travel.

(Andrew the lawyer says I have to tell you that prices may change at anytime and that until we sign an agreement, nothing is guaranteed. I told him you were smart enough to know that but he insisted so you can see my officiation agreement here.)