Extraordinary Cincinnati Wedding Officiants

Closeup of groom placing a wedding ring on the brides hand. Couple exchanging wedding rings during a wedding ceremony outdoors.

Hello! We are the Dudeist Ministers and we are not ordinary wedding officiants. You are here because you want to get married. We are here because we love marrying people. Take a moment to get to know us and it will show.

Are you planning a traditional wedding and need an ordained wedding minister? Maybe you are eloping and want an elopement ceremony that is simpler and more modern? You might want a ceremony that’s a bit more unique or personal so it should be creative and fun.

If you want a wedding officiant that actually cares about you and what you want for your marriage, we are the ones you call. Many of our couples become our friends.

We perform ceremonies for all Good People

We officiate weddings and non-traditional ceremonies for all the good people of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. Whether it is a marriage or a celebration of life, we are happy to drive out to help you with your festivities.

We offer a variety of traditional wedding services or we can go with your ideas. If you have a different kind of shindig and need a licensed officiant, just let us know and we are sure we can plan the right ceremony for you.